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Personal injury accident: Who is responsible?

Personal injury accidents fall under what the law calls premises liability cases. Premises liability cases are essentially who is responsible (liable) for an accident or injury depending on the location (premise) that it occurred. 

There are many types of personal injury cases. These are complicated cases because fine details could make or break one of these cases. 

Personal injury cases are very important, they can lead to widespread community changes and regulations. These types of cases are also consequential for the people who experience the injury and the property owners who are defending themselves against a suit. 

It is highly recommended to contact a personal injury attorney who can defend your rights if an unfortunate event has occurred. The LaScala law firm has years of experience trying these cases. We can be there for you if you are facing an accident due to negligence.

A few types of premises liability personal injury cases 

The ins and outs of premises liability laws

In general, a premises liability case is where a person is injured on the property of another.

To have a personal injury case the law requires that the owner of the property was negligent in conduct.

One area of inquiry would be to find out if the property owner has personal injury coverage. Regardless of fault, like in workers’ compensation, this coverage can help with medical costs.

Law provides defenses for property owners if the injured party should have seen the injury coming beforehand.

Awareness of the defect on the property can help both the owner and injured party. If the defect is not obvious to the property owner then they can defend their rights against the injured party. However if the defect on the property that caused the injury should have been noticed by the property owner, then the injured party can use that to their advantage. 

Even when signing a release, for say a gym, there are situations where negligent behaviour by the property owner can warrant a case. This is why contacting a personal injury lawyer is so important. Legal releases can be complicated documents and understanding them fully might help advance a personal injury case. 

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Do you believe you’ve been subject to negligence by a property owner? Are you worried about the cost of your medical treatment? Personal injury cases are each unique in their own way and proper representation can help secure your rights.

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