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A construction site is one of the most hazardous places to work. Faulty machinery, truck and vehicle accidents, and knocked over heavy objects could very well lead to serious or life-threatening injury.

Accidents that knock a construction worker out of commission and, therefore, a job could be devastating for the worker as well as their family.

Sometimes it might not be clear who is responsible for what caused the worker’s injury, which is why we will look to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident to get the compensation you deserve.

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Workers’ Compensation In Georgia

Even if you receive your injury while working, you might not receive workers’ compensation from your employer. By law, employers only need to have workers’ compensation insurance when they employ three or more workers. Often, subcontractors only hire one or two workers at a time.

If your subcontractor does not have workers’ compensation coverage, the contractor will have to cover you. If the contractor failed to obtain insurance, the state will hold them liable and could impose a penalty to your benefit.

A lawyer can help ensure you receive your benefits, even if your employer has no insurance.

What to Do After an Injury

You must report your injury immediately to your employer. By law, you have 30 days to report it, or you will lose access to benefits. If you report it a few days later, it might be harder to prove the accident occurred at work. If you can, take photos of the injury and its cause.

As soon as possible after the accident, see a doctor. When you choose your doctor, you must use the list your employer provides. Your employer can either post a list of six doctors, including at least one orthopedic physician, or post the name of the certified Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization (WC/MCO) they have contracted with.

You will not need to pay for your treatment, as long as you use an authorized doctor. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will pay for any approved bills.

Be sure to keep a record of your injury, including the date, time, and location of the accident. Maintain a file of all documents related to your accident, like diagnoses, doctor visits, days out of work, etc. This file can help your lawyer prepare your lawsuit.

Receiving Benefits

Georgia law entitles you to receive weekly income benefits equivalent to two-thirds of your weekly pay or $675. You will only begin receiving benefits after your 7th day out of work.

If you are unable to return to full-time work, you might be eligible for disability benefits. A personal injury lawyer can help you apply for benefits to receive the max amount possible.

If you believe your employer partially or wholly contributed to your accident, you might be able to sue them for compensation. A lawyer can help you determine if your case is worth pursuing and how big a settlement you could receive.

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