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Motorcycle accidents can be as scary and traumatic as any type of motor vehicle accident. The thrill and liberating feeling that riding a motorcycle gives can be quickly taken away due to another reckless driver. 

42% of all motorcycle accidents come as a result of a bigger vehicle hitting someone on a motorcycle when switching to the left lane. In most situations this means the bigger vehicle is at fault. Hiring an attorney is a prudent decision, even during a stressful and potentially painful time like after a motorcycle accident. It is a prudent decision because an attorney works for you. This means that while a person is recovering, an attorney with the proper knowledge and experience can work hard gathering the materials necessary to defend their client and their guaranteed rights.

Michael LaScala has more than two decades of experience representing both drivers, and victims of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle accidents. To find out what compensation you’re eligible for, call the office of The LaScala Law Firm today on (404)-881-8866

What to Do if You're Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, following these steps can be crucial to a preferential outcome. This list is similar to that of an automobile accident

  • Remain at the scene and help others out if possible
  • Contact the police if the damages are above $500
  • Take photos of the incident and exchange information with the party or parties involved
  • If medical treatment is necessary make sure your employer is charged and not you

Lastly, we highly recommend contacting a personal injury attorney like Michael LaScala. An attorney with multiple years of experience and a proven track record can help guarantee your rights. 

Why contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

Contacting an attorney might seem like the last thing to do after a motorcycle accident.


In the midst of a traumatic event like being in a road accident especially if you, or a loved one, have been injured, hiring a personal injury attorney can be the last thing on your mind but it is highly advised to do so for a few reasons.
  • Attorneys can be there for you representing you and gathering all the necessary and available information and materials to work towards a better outcome
  • Motorcycle insurance has a wobbly history of being discriminated. Insurance agencies might see a cyclist in an accident And try to not compensate them the same way an insured automobile would be.
  • An Insurance claim can be an arduous process that can take a long time but with a personal injury attorney that process can be meticulously looked at for the benefit of the person injured.

Hiring representation can help in two major ways


  • This step might seem easy but the requirements are far from commonplace. An experienced attorney knows the deadlines, requirements, and small details. Having this in mind is important because it helps avoid any setbacks. 


  • In Georgia, a person has 2 years to file a claim. Simply put: the sooner you file, the better.

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