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The LaScala Firm is committed to helping those who have been wronged in a personal injury accident. Our skilled attorneys understand the world of personal injury and are committed to helping in every step of your journey. We guarantee professionalism and the required skill set to assist in recovering substantial amounts of money for your injury.

personal injury

Car Accident

Every day in Atlanta car accidents happen on our six highways and hundreds of roads; if you or someone you love has been involved in an automobile accident we are here for you. While getting a personal injury attorney might seem like an additional thing to worry about on top of a stressful accident, it is the only way to ensure you receive your rightful compensation. Many car accident victims don’t realize how much money they are entitled to and the longer you wait to get an attorney decreases the chance of getting the biggest payout.

Construction Accident

A construction site is one of the most hazardous places to work, where faulty machinery, truck and vehicle accidents, and knocked over heavy objects could very well lead to serious injury. Accidents that knock a construction worker out of commission and therefore a job could be devastating for them and their family, and that is why we are here to help. Sometimes it might not be clear who is responsible for what caused the worker’s injury, which is why we will look to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident to get the compensation you deserve.

Dog Bites

While most victims would never expect to be injured by Man’s Best Friend, a dog attack can cause devastating injuries in just a few moments. Unsurprisingly, most dog attacks involve children being attacked by neighborhood pets. Georgia law states the owner is responsible for attacks by their animal if they were negligent and being attacked unprovoked fits the bill.

Spinal Injury

No matter if it was caused by medical malpractice, a car crash, or any other type of incident, the damaging of you or a loved one’s spinal cord could be a life changing experience, resulting in anything from a chronic condition to complete paralysis. To ensure the parties responsible face justice and your needs are taken care of, call Michael LaScala today! 

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