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According to Georgia DUI date reports, there were more than 19,000 convictions for driving under the influence in 2019. A DUI case can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. The consequences of a DUI conviction can range from fines, prison, and losing your license.

Even first-time DUI charges can have steep consequences. If there are damages involved or someone was injured, the victim can press personal injury charges. Additionally, there can also be a criminal case if the accident was severe. 

If you received a DUI in Cobb County, get the help you need by hiring a law firm with the experience needed! 

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Common Questions for Your Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Do you lose your license for the first DUI in GA?

Whether it’s your first DUI charge or fifth, you will lose your right to drive. If you submit to a chemical (breath, blood, or urine) test and have an alcohol concentration above the limit, the state will confiscate and suspend your license. If you refuse to take a chemical test, the Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your driving privileges for 12 months. 

However, you will receive a 30-day temporary driving permit if you submitted to a test. You can appeal the ALS or choose an ignition interlock and a limited driving permit during this period. The limited permit will only allow you to drive to specific locations. Such as school, work, health care appointments, drivers’ education program, alcohol and drug treatment programs, court, and any court-ordered activities.

Is a DUI a felony in Georgia?

Your first, second, and third DUIs are misdemeanors. Fourth and subsequent DUIs in a 10-year period are felonies. If your DUI incident involves serious injury or death, your charge will be a felony. Likewise, you may have a felony DUI if you had a passenger younger than 14 years old in the vehicle.

How long does a DUI stay on your record in the state of Georgia?

A DUI conviction stays on your driving record for 10 years and will indefinitely stay on your criminal record. According to DUI law in Georgia, convictions are not eligible for expungement or record restriction.

What are the penalties for a DUI in Georgia?

Consequences for a DUI can vary. You can expect fines, driver license suspensions, community service, and imprisonment. A judge may also have sentencing provisions, such as clinical evaluation and completion of an alcohol and drug program.

Factors that impact DUI charges and sentencing include the following:

  • Number of previous DUI convictions
  • The time duration of prior convictions
  • Blood alcohol concentration, as applicable
  • Any amount of controlled substances present
  • Driver’s age (older or younger than 21)
  • If minors were in the vehicle
  • Serious injury or death

Do you have questions about your DUI case?

The LaScala Firm can help you overcome the challenges of getting your life back to normal. A DUI charge requires a criminal defense, especially in cases involving personal injury. Legal professionals represent clients to strengthen their case and regain their driving privileges.

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