Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence is a serious charge! In order to fight this charge, a reliable Criminal Defense Attorney is recommended. A knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney, who is well versed on the laws in the State of Georgia, is a person’s best chance to resolve this kind of case. 

Facing these charges is a tough situation. It would be highly advantageous to the party charged to not face these charges alone. Not all charges are the same, therefore depending on the charge the punishment could be life-changing. 

Working with the proper representation can help your case as soon as the charges are posted. Time is of the essence in matters like these. Michael LaScala anticipates prosecuting attorneys in Atlanta because he’s ligated on that side. Call the LaScala Firm for a free consultation at (404) 881-8866.

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What is a Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is defined as an act of violence against a family member. These charges can arise from a “pattern” of abuse by one member of a relationship against another.

Abuse does not necessarily have to be a physical altercation. Abuse can be physical, psychological, emotional, etc. Given the intimate nature of Domestic Violence charges, the charges are prosecuted with a greater degree strictness than other cases.

Punishment for Domestic Violence

Misdemeanor Battery for Domestic Violence

Battery charges against a family member are treated as Misdemeanors. These charges carry a maximum of 12 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. After the first charge the penalty is raised to a Felony charge. This comes with a potential 5 years in prison. 

Misdemeanor Assault related to Domestic Violence

Assault relating to Domestic Violence is treated as a High and Aggravated Misdemeanor. This charge increases the fine from $1,000 to up to $5,000. Jail time served under a High and Aggravated Misdemeanors is also harsher than that under a normal Misdemeanor. Subsequent charges are also treated as felonies. 

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A law office like The LaScala Firm can help you overcome the challenges of getting your life back to normal. A Domestic Violence charge requires a criminal defense. Legal professionals represent clients to strengthen their case.

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