Vehicle Theft Offenses

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Georgia has many different vehicle theft laws in its criminal codes. Many of these charges are felonies and are prosecuted with great scrutiny. Facing these charges could mean many years behind bars and serious fines to deal with. These charges, especially those which are felonies, could mark you for life. Because of the severity of these consequences it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney with experience and the right tools to fight your case. Retaining the proper defense could help you avoid the worst of consequences. Call the office of The LaScala Law Firm today (404)-881-8866. We are located in Atlanta, Georgia and serve throughout Metro Atlanta.

Georgia Law and Vehicle Theft Offenses

Hijacking: A person is guilty of hijacking in the first degree if they obtain a vehicle from another person through force while in possession of a deadly weapon. A person commits hijacking in the second degree if they forcefully obtain a vehicle from another person but without a deadly weapon. These offenses are also known as carjacking. 

Entering a Vehicle with intent to commit a theft or felony: If a person enters a vehicle with intent to commit theft (stealing something from within the vehicle) or with the intent of committing a felony (assault) they could be found guilty of a felony. This is known as a wobbler charge because depending on the facts a judge could sentence the person convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony. 

Vehicle Theft: Depending on the value of the vehicle the person accused of this crime could be seeing a variety of different consequences. If the vehicle is worth less than $1,500 then they could face up to 12 months in jail and a misdemeanor charge. On the other hand if the vehicle is worth more than $20,000 then the person could face serious felony charges and up to 20 years behind bars.

Penalties for Vehicle Theft in Georgia

Hijacking Penalties: If a person is convicted of first degree hijacking then they could be facing 10 to 20 years imprisonment. A second offense in the first degree could mean life imprisonment. A first offense in the second degree can mean up to 10 years imprisonment. 

Entering a Vehicle with intent to commit a theft or felony: A person facing these charges might see between 1 and 5 years imprisonment. Because this is a wobbler charge then the person could conversely be convicted of a misdemeanor which means up to a year in jail.

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If you have been charged with any of the above charges, whether a felony or misdemeanor dealing with these issues through a criminal defense attorney is highly recommended.

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