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As a former prosecutor, I am able to anticipate the prosecution’s case to build the strongest possible strategy for those we represent. While I am often called upon by the media to offer legal analyses of high-profile cases, I remain dedicated to helping clients from all walks of life.

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Atlanta Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorney

As a former prosecutor, I have litigated on the other side of the fence. I know what to expect when the state builds its case against you, so I’m better prepared and dedicated to keeping you informed at all times.

As a skilled attorney, I understand the world of personal injury and am committed to helping in every step of your journey.

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For help with a criminal defense matter, call The LaScala Firm at (404) 881-8866 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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Criminal Defense

We handle all criminal law cases that include DUI charges, drug charges — from small-quantity possession to large-quantity manufacturing — and white collar crimes such as fraud and forgery.

Personal Injury

The LaScala Firm is committed to helping those who have been wronged in a personal injury accident.  Our skilled attorneys understand the world of personal injury and are committed to helping in every step of your journey. 

Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

We guarantee professionalism and the required skill set to assist in recovering substantial amounts of money for your injury.